About Gamblingod – Online Casino Champion

Gamblingod.com follows the endeavours of Vadim and is a brand in itself for people to learn how they themselves can easily do what our real-life hero does! Playing poker for a living since 2004, Vadim moved to Europe to pursue a professional career in the online gaming industry and has worked for some of the biggest online gaming operators in the world at a senior level along with launching his own online casino and sports betting operation.

While exciting, freedom was always of the essence and in 2015 an executive decision was made by him to pursue a journey on his own as a professional online gambler using the tricks of the trade he has learned throughout a 13-year career as both a professional gambler and an operator.

Online Blackjack and Roulette

The beginning of the journey spelt immediate success for Vadim as he progressed rapidly in online casino’s, playing table games such as blackjack and roulette mainly. His next step was professional sports betting which took a bit more education but now stands at 89% winning rate wagers.

Never one to enjoy volume play stemming from his poker days, the focus was to win big as fast as possible so high staking was at the roots of his business model. By 2016 it was constantly sustainable in order to support his outrageous lifestyle which most of us wouldn’t say no to.


High stakes sports betting

Today Vadim focuses on a few high win percentage high-stake bets along with online blackjack and roulette systems he uses to beat the casino. With so many people in his surrounding environment constantly asking him what he does for a means of living, Gamblingod.com was born. Why not actually show people who are interested how you can enjoy and reap the benefits of professional online gambling while most importantly tipping them on how they too can do the same!


Online casino reviews and sports tips

Gamblingod.com is ultimately an online casino guide and sports tipping website which if you follow you too can share the same outcome as our owner!